Thomas Reiche

"Be your own master in whatever you do, say and think. Be free!"

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I'm an Information Security Investigator.

Background of 20+ yrs. hands-on experience in Security Consulting, Software Development & Quality Management.

Information Security

I care that much about information security that I co-founded MGID a company helping others to protect their data.

tesibius Software

I've got a passion for software development. Since 2003 I use the label tesibius for really innovative solutions.

Awareness Blog

Get aware of how the data driven world may change your life! Read about the background of todays information technology.

Profound expertise in Information Security

Protecting your business. Enabling new opportunities with reasonable risk.


How to achieve reasonably security on a tight budget?


Want to know how hackers look at your business?

IT Forensics

Thorough digital investigations and expert witness to court.


Building an ISO27001 BSI Grundschutz compliant ISMS. Internal Audits.

Secure Software

Integration of security components. Code reviews focused on security.

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